Meet The Team

‘Spidey’ James

Hey everyone. I started Amazing Heroes 2 years ago after I found an interest in building superhero suits like Ironman, and Batman. Now sadly I’m no Tony Stark or Bruce Wayne, and it’s taken a while for us to get here, but our belief has never changed, for all children (and adults) to have that real life experience. So with some gymnastics classes, generally keeping in good shape and eating well we push ourselves to the next level.

My Heros

I have to say my favorite Hero has to be good old Spidey because of the objection he overcomes (with the help of a radioactive spider) he raises spirits whilst overcoming his own demons, and generally putting a smile on every one’s face, no matter what incarnation we may see. I hope to hear from you guys soon.

Who am i?

Spider-Man, Batman, Iron Man, Captain America & Kylo Ren

‘Captain’ James

Hi guys, I’m james. Aka captain America. I started of like most making my own costumes, to have fun at conventions with friends etc little did I know that simply being in costume can have such an impact on people. Kids and adults alike. Always reminds me when I was a kid I saw darth Vader. To me at that age he was the real thing. Then this became my reason to do what we do. “Be strong, you never know who your inspiring” Captain America

Who am i?

Captain America

‘Super’ Keith

Why am i a part time hero you ask? Well simple –  its the joy you bring to people, you get to create memories and smiles that can last a lifetime. Its also great motivator to get in the gym and lift some heavy weights as I always want to make the experience as real and exciting as possible.

My Heroes

The first comic book hero of course Superman! He’s strong and he has a deep set of morals while only wanting to help those in need.

Who am i?

Superman, Thor, Captain America, & Wolverine